Role: TouchDesigner Developer

Type: Installation

Patterns of Possibilities v2

Patterns of Possibilities v2 is a continuation of Candaş Şişman's previous project from 2015 with the same title. It is created through a generative algorithm which randomizes, and selects new dice values and cells, to reveal a random-relational pattern on the digital canvas.

The revealed pattern emerges from the accumulation of many probabilities through different time fragments of ~8 minutes total experience — in which the algorithm undertakes a performative process. When the time cycle ends, the system resets and starts over to create a new, unique pattern. The system is also coupled with sounds, specific to each possibility created on the screen to form an auditory pattern.

The participant is given a chance to observe a total of 4,096 new patterns within a cycle - and an invitation to question probability, order, chaos, and uncertainty. The project stands as a reminder that we exist as a result of coincidences, within a capillary system of possibilities.